How much will it cost?

The cost associated with have your NDIS plan managed by a registered plan manager is allocated into your NDIS funding that has been approved. 

Plan management comes under Capacity Building; Choice and Control. It is s stated support and can only be used for this purpose. It does not deduct from other funding streams. 

What is the difference between Plan Management and Support Coordination?

These terms are often confused when discussing NDIS services. 


Plan Management is one of the three way that you can manage your NDIS funding. 

Support coordination or 'Coordination of Supports' is when someone helps you to get started and implement your plan. Your support coordinator will help you find services and supports in your local community.  

What are benefits of Plan Management?

NDIS Plan management allows the flexibility to use both registered and unregistered providers. 

Having your NDIS Plan Managed means the financial and administrative side of your plan is looked after for you. So you can focus on achieving your goals. 

Your Plan Manager, Like MyLinks, can also help with some service coordination and help develop service agreements. 

What is the MyLinks Privacy Policy?

At MyLinks Plan Management your privacy is paramount to us. Only relevant MyLinks Plan Management team members and yourself/plan nominees have access to personal information that you choose to share with us. 

Unless you consent to do so, we will not provide family members, providers or third parties with any personal information regarding the services MyLinks Plan management provide. 

If you wish for us to share information with other service providers to help improve service delivery, please request a ‘Consent to Share' form from our administration team. 

For a detailed copy of our Privacy Policy please click here.