NDIS Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

NDIS Plan Management are the services provided by a registered provider, like MyLinks, to manage the budgetary side of your NDIS plan.

What are my choices?

There are 3 options you can chose from when it comes to managing your NDIS funding:

  1. You can have the NDIS manage your plan.
  2. You can self-manage your NDIS plan. 
  3. You can have a Plan Manager, like MyLinks, manage your plan to make sure you have the CHOICE and CONTROL to gain the most out of your funding. 

A person can also elect to have combination of the above, for example part agency, and part plan managed. The option that will suit you best depends on how much CHOICE and CONTROL you would like with your NDIS funding. 

What are the benefits of Plan Management?

By using MyLinks as your Plan Manager, you will be able to:

  • Use unregistered providers
  • Negotiate service delivery 
  • Have quick, transparent access to your NDIS budget 
  • Have the ability to approve, reject or query provider invoices. 

What will MyLinks, my plan manager do?

A plan manager will oversee the overall financial intermediary services, which indlcudes:

  • Paying the providers
  • Claiming payments from the NDIA
  • Providing you with monthly statements
  • Keeping track of your budget

How can I have my NDIS Plan, Plan Managed?

You will need to ask for Plan Management during your planning meeting. If you already have a plan and you are Agency or Self-Managed, you will need to submit a review and ask for allocation of Plan Management funding. 

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